Without clothing girl mansexy image

Without clothing girl mansexy image

For some reason this smells to me a lot like freshly brewed black tea, although I don't see such note in the list. I steer more toward fragrances which are not as sweet as I prefer a little more oud and strong vetiver.Despite that, I find myself enjoying this scent it is quite sweet and I detect a cinnamon and some floral.Perfumer Olivier Polge blended spices with sensual undertones; creating two diametrically opposed fragrant accords: 1. The explosive one includes bergamot, grapefruit, elemi and pink pepper.

So complex, so much spicier, and lasts all day with ultra strong projection for 3-4 hours! It's so sad they had to ruin this masterpiece with a stupid reformulation to enhance their profits.I fell onto the tracks of the hype train and got ran over by it. But it causes hype & I was given off voucher for Notino. Some people here who think that Spicebomb isn't amazing are too much.I used seven sprays..wrist, behind my ears, back & front of my neck and chest. SKU Number: 3605521515346 Batch Number: 38M104 Or 1560040 (don't know which one is the batch number on the box) Scent: 5/10 Value: 3/10 (Cost .90 for a 5.0 Oz bottle) Sillage: 7/10 (Heavy, cloying even) Longevity: 7/10 (Great eight hours plus) Creativity: 5/10 (I smelled something like it before, Azzaro pour Homme) Versatility: During the cold times only. This used to be a bomb with an amazing spicy trace in it. Please, stop demoralizing this innocent masterpiece. After all, Spicebomb has not done anything bad to you (well, that is if Spicebomb did not kill your wallet). Ever since this fragrance came out, I was really eager to get one since the endorser is a sexbomb (shoutout to Sean O'pry! However, I never had the chance to get it early because the Philippines is a loser place for perfume lovers.Apparently I don't follow the "seasons of fragrances" like other reviewers.This is a fun, semi-spicy, sweet, moderately loud designer fragrance that I rock regardless of how hot and cold it is outside.

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And I use it on this, should've saved it for something else. But now, it just holds an great scent that will drive the girls crazy. And I am pretty sure that most of those who negatively criticize did not even buy the full bottle. Perfumes here are way too overpriced, and only few people know about Viktor&Rolf.

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