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I have no cross-solution references or reference to missing projects. If I remove the reference to the class library, the error disappear. We have already fixed this problem in Visual Studio 2010.

I have isolated the problem in a solution with just a setup project, a Win Form project and a class library. No error occours if I replace the class library with a newly created one, so it looks like there are something wrong with my class library project. We encourage you to try out our Visual Studio 2010 RC release which can be obtained from

Option 2: If the two class libraries are different, split the "Windows Forms Application" project into two (one copy for each solution), so that each of the two versions of the windows forms application can depend on the correct Class Library. The problem is not caused by a cross-solution project reference.

The solutions to both option 1 and 2 are attached with file names prefixed with "VS_Move". All references are to projects within each solution.

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This issue is repeated many times on the web, but I have not found any solutions that covers my problem. Copy all code from the old class library to the new. In the Win Form project: Replace the reference to the old class library with the new.

From the attached project, the project “Windows Form Application1” in Solution2 references a project that is not in Solution2 (it references Class Library1 from Solution1).If I then fix Solution1, the setup in Solution2 is broken.Perhaps you could modify my attachment then send it back to me so that I can understand what you are trying to say. We were able to reproduce the problem and have identified the root cause.I'm almost down to remaking all 7 projects in this solution, which will take me a hours to do, and does not guarantee a result.Suggestions are welcome before I begin sacrificing a small cuddly creatures to the Gods.

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In addition, when we looked at the dependencies for Project C from the Solution1Setup File View it showed the correct dependencies.

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