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So while some may get upset if the white lie is discovered, most will understand when you explain you wanted to be kind. ” To which you’ll reply, “I was as honest as I felt comfortable being while still wanting to be kind, considerate, and sensitive to your feelings.” After all, dating with integrity can be uncomfortable.

But it is ultimately easier as you can respect yourself for acting in alignment with your values.

Like telling a guy who emails you that you’ve started seeing someone else, when really you’re not attracted to him?

To live 100% in integrity does not mean you have to tell him you’re not attracted to him.

When they say things like “we are divorced we just haven’t filed the papers yet” or “my ex-husband is not really in prision…its more like a 7 – 10 year time out” or “no I really am Paris Hilton” it makes me suspicious, but when they say I am 38 years old or I wear a size 2 then I know they are lying.

"We must treat each other as brothers and sisters right up to the point of our becoming engaged," says the author. What a joy to share Sonlight with the extended generations in our family! ) I'm thankful that my son used Sonlight's curriculum in high school, and was able to learn and study different worldviews.

This article addresses the second scenario, since the solution to the first is obvious: Don't be shady or use people!

How to become an expert on your own relationships by bringing some integrity into your love life It seems like everyone is an expert on relationships these days!

You must focus on this like you would any other goal instead of sitting around and waiting for “The One” to find you. the ones you’d never consider marrying—or holding on to friends with benefits and exes, you are not dating with integrity.

My friend Bruce shared how he’s experienced that women he’s beginning to date lie.

We agreed that telling the truth, while uncomfortable at times, is really easier in the long term.

In other words, you'd benefit from finding a way to start dating with integrity! Here are some tips to give your integrity a boost in the challenging world of modern day dating: Decide what you want. Is this what you want or is it what society makes you think you want?

Are you just getting lonely because you no longer have single friends to go out with?

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Not only are you being respectful of the other person, but you date with integrity.

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