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To reduce injuries to new workers, companies need a Short Service Employee (SSE) Program.

This session will provide information to develop an SSE Program including examples using ANSI/ASSE Z490.1-2016. / Safety Professional/President Are key safety and health documents critical as a shield against citations and penalties from OSHA/MSHA?

This presentation will discuss the minimum requirements for any DHA, the importance of qualified individuals and common overlooked hazards. Reason - Lewellyn Technology / Senior Vice President / Consultant Physical Fitness includes balance, agility, flexibility and mobility, and most physical jobs don't inherently create these unless you're a ninja or professional athlete.

The physicality of oilfield, construction and others can be a DETRIMENT or a BENEFIT to health and muscle balance, depending on how your workers approach their jobs.

Causation is multi-dimensional, nonlinear and difficult to predict.

Though human error is often the proximate cause, it should never be the starting point of any investigation.

Benefits stretch well into the future as residents and workers receive a clean environment with continued employment to maintain the positive Oak Ridge historical legacy.

Business Skills & Personal Development, Executive, Safety Management Ken J. Department of Energy / Acting Manager, EM 90 Ben Franklin said, "If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail." This is especially true in construction.

It provides an eye-opening introduction to the work environments, workplaces (facilities), and worker tasks where homeless encampments, meth labs, and other urban hazards can potentially be encountered by a variety of work forces. Braun - Braun Safety Associates, LLC / President, Principal Consultant Employers are utilizing wearable technology under the noble cause of improved safety and health, but have we adequately addressed risk; or have we made knowledge of hazards a discoverable fact?In the majority of injuries, complacency plays a part, often a significant one.Learn what you and your organization can do to efficiently minimize the effects of complacency in your workplace.Human Behavior Larry Wilson - Safe Start® / CEO and Author There exists a real and present need to elevate the profile of occupational cancer prevention.This session will review: Underestimation of workplace cancer cases; Elevation of the profile; OEL adequacy; common workplace, consumer product, and environmental exposure and controls; Cancer cluster investigations and case studies.

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Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector Adele L. Executive, Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector Edwin G.

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