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Blind and gay dating

When we see these points in the other person, we forget to explore the other points.

Life is more than satisfying a “how tall are you, where do you live (geographically-desirable), if they want or don’t want children, or have or don’t have children, how much they earn, what religion they are and whether they like romantic movies and Touched by an Angel…” checklist.

Maybe you have not been to church or a temple or mosque in thirty years.

Maybe you are afraid that if you tell them your mother is living with you (or even more embarrassing, that you are still living with your mother…) no one will want you.

Do not give out personal information online Personal information that would let someone find you offline would never be shared online.

But, the cues we use in life; body language, dress, personal hygiene, tone of voice…the way we judge the truth of statements…are lost in cyberspace. However, that said, many people have found love online so, if you’re still interested in trying to find your soul mate, here are a few safety tips: Do not believe everything you read online You can be anything or anyone you want to be online.

This might seem like dating by committee, but it helps you keep perspective.

Especially when we have been hurt before, we think that we have now found the perfect checklist for a partner.

Take your time – do not rush into things Take your time to try to get to know the person online first.

Everyone can put their best cyber-foot forward in the first couple of e-mails. Make sure you keep the old e-mails to compare the information they give you.

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